Leticia El Halli Obeid

A curve so long it seems a straight line (2006)

“A curve so long it seems a straight line” is a work that I presented for the Petrobrás Award 2006. It consists on a video and a little handbook with the story of a harvester machine factory that used to exist in a small town in Córdoba. The video was projected on a dark room using a 3 x 2,5m screen, and the little book was a 24-page black and white edition, with a print run of 10,000.
The third axis of this work is a blog: www.nuevamelusina.blogpost.com

Astronaut (2005)

“Astronaut” shows the feeding process of a beehive. The audio is a fragment of “Stories”, where someone describes a painting by Vermeer.

Bunch (2005)

Drawings out of a series.

Stories (2004 - 2005)

“Stories” was, in the beginning, a sort of documentary in which a group of people tries to describe a work of art they remember. The video ended up having several versions, with variable lenghts.

Mouth (2003)

Drawings out of a series.

Order (2003)

A video showing the filming of a writing that is repeated until the medium is finally broken.

Mock-up (2002)

“Mock-up” was an installation made at one of the classrooms of the Architecture School at the UNC. The space is barely intervened through the writing on the board and a TV showing a video clip in loop. On the table there is a pile of photocopies: on one side, they reproduce the drawing shown on the board, on the other, there’s a text about Argentina’s music scene between the 1970s and 1980s.

Fabric object (2001)

One of the objects made of fabric and exhibited at Cinerama’s, Casa 13 and Juana de Arco.

Untitled (fabrics) (2001)

Untitled. The same group of objects of Cinerama’s, installed at Juana de Arco art space.

Cinerama (2001)

“Cinerama”, an installation at a shop of the Cinerama Shopping Mall, in downtown Córdoba. Objects were made out of fabric leftovers from a clothing factory, and could only be seen from outside the shop. The exhibition consisted also of a parallel installation on Casa 13.

Music (1999)

“Music”, art installation at Casa 13, Córdoba, on October, 1999. Commented on question 1.

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