Rosalba Mirabella

Little lemon heads (2008)

Video frames. Live action and animation with cardboard cut

MR City (2008)

From a comic book series project

I am a fly (2008)

From a series of projects done for cartoons.

Untitled (2008)

Drawing on the wall at the collective exhibition "Caprices, absurdities and disasters", 13 August 2008, at Complejo Cultural Santa Cruz. The balloons played the conversation of a group of people who gather one night to watch a film and television.

Little Red Riding Hood goes to the fair (2008)

Stills from videos and map routes. Project undertaken for the 2008 ArteBa / Petrobras Prize. Three videos in three televisions placed alongside each other. The video documents the journey undertaken by the artist, portrayed as Little Red Riding Hood to arrive from the city of St. M. Tucumán to the Buenos Aires Art Fair. The first path was following a river (8 minutes, stayed in Mar Chiquita), the second on mountain roads (10 minutes, picking flowers, amused) and on the third arrive to ArteBA (9 minutes).

February - March (2008)

From a comic book series project

E1 Project (2007)

40 x 100 cm, díptico

Fire Bird (2007)

(captura de fotograma)


From the Series Album (2007)

In order of appearance:
The birth date
Pic nic
The 15
The School
The College

Intervention in the historical archive of the Old Hotel, Ostende (2007)

4 photographs of 20 x 30 cms installed at the hall of the Viejo Hotel, Ostende. This work was made during the second edition of RIAA, International House of Artists in Argentina, from 5 to 20 March 2007. My action was to replace some photographs of the hotel lobby, with pictures of putty and cardboard dolls.

Drawing Club at La Baulera (2006)

Live drawing cycle as part of the activities of "Spring Tucumana" at La Baulera, September 2006.

Countdown (2006)

Work in progress made during a residency at Gasworks, London, UK. To begin, I covered walls, floor and ceiling of a study with black paint and then with white text and drawings I developed a sort of diary of my stay. The walls slowly returning to its original state, which was the order before leaving the studio.

Rat woman Vs Pokemon piggy (2006)

(Photogram capture)

Jungle (2006)


Rat woman, returns (2006)

Frames of the video made at a residence at Gasworks, London. The video "documents" the return of the artist, portrayed as the character of his comic Rat Woman, from London City to San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina. The road, by foot and by bus, unfolds seamlessly on a journey between the rivers Thames in London and Rio Muerto, Yerba Buena, Tucumán.

Sogni e conflitti (2005)

30 x 45

East notebook. (2005)

30 x 70 cm

Rat woman travels to Metropolis (2005)

Pages from the artist's Book Rat Woman, graphic novel project. The story begins "in a not too distant future" in city on fire, where you can not go outside because of the heat. A woman becomes a rat, and undertakes a series of adventures to recover her original shape. This is a unique project not finalized, but the character of Rat Woman was a starting point for other works

Retrospective (2005)


Notebook to be forgotten at a taxi (2004)


Roll (2003)

For some months I cut and paste horoscope cuts from a local newspaper on a paper roll. At the same time, without reading the texts, I made drawings based on ideas or situations of daily life.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad