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Ghost train (2005)

Ghost train is an object composed by a table, an electric train, a wireless camera, a mini-TV and a polyester resin shell. The electric train twistes in circles over the table, going through a miniature scenery. In front of it, the train has a camera that transmits its image.
Mounted on top of the shelf that covers the whole device, there is a mini-TV that receives the transmission.

The Huge (scene 3) (2004)

The work was an installation where a performance took place, in which the members of the group operated sound and lights in real time.

Crimental Kitchinette (2003)

Crimental Kitchinette was an installation of different objects representing the hideaway of a character that was to blow up the building where the exhibition took place. The plan consisted on the design of several sculpture-bombs that were located in different places within the building. The hideaway was protected by a chaotic mountain of piled-up chairs.

Olkoholu Oldujici Concienzoids (2003)

It was an installation where 5 sculptures with the shape of robots began a dialog of drunkards on subjects such as art, sex and existencialism. The dialog was generated in real time by several softwares, and the whole scene could be seen by the audience one person at a time, wearing a helmet with a cam on it.

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