Cynthia Kampelmacher

Optic (2006)

Digital photograph, direct shot

Illusion*Saturdays (2006)

A one-day intervention made at a drugstore/sewing workshop. Illusion*Saturdays was an event that I coordinated together with fellow artists Gabriel Baggio, Cecilia Szalcowicz and Gastón Pérsico, working with local artists from the mexican art collective "Bordemates". It consisted on a one-day intervention done in a drugstore that also functioned as a sewing workshop, working on the inside of the store as well as on the sidewalk, generating a meeting point where people chose their designs and use them as an excuse to talk to each other. We cooked and drank, among other activities.

Bordermates art collective (Mexico City): Paulina Rasa, Karen Azoulay (Canada) and Kelly Coats (Los Angeles). Local guest artists: Gabriel Baggio, Gastón Pérsico and Cecilia Szalcowicz.

one day

Color devices (2005-6)

An installation made out of a drawing board, easel, drawing notebook with graphics, pencil device, an intervened color comparison guide and text. Simple devices to trace. A gesture that repeats itself each time with different results.

Utopies Dossier (2005)

Graphic reproduction of works from avant-garde movements of the early XX Century, made on carbon fiber paper and bibliographic archive.

9 portraits & 1 selfportrait (2005)

Watercolor on millimeter paper and text. I worked for a year with a group of 9 artists coming from different countries and contexts, summoned by Art & Idea gallery, from Mexico. The project consisted on grouping together a series of young artists that did not know each other and work on the subject of identity, how one believes is being perceived by others and viceversa.
The portraits are presented as calculus graphics of information 'received-lost' through the web, for which the image is the pixelated icon of something that seems to shape or loose in simple color combinations. Using titles and text, it encourages the viewer to gather more information that what he can recognize. And a 10th graphic, which is a selfportrait. The text that precedes the group is a questionnaire which is the result of a selection of questions made through a yahoo! group. As a result, these are abstractions that, despite the fact that they bear a different composition when considered individually, they look similar as a whole.

Partial installation view: Brief (2005)

Installation made out of small graphics, paintings, objetcs and others, plus a limited edition text. Partial views of some components of the "Brief" installation, works: always.... (printed text on 2 A4 superimposed sheets), landscape (paper bags and disposable gloves) & matches (accumulation of burnt matches).

Unique (2005)

Small notebook, a museum souvenir, covered with an embossed pattern, and an watercolor intervention following the same motive.


Production table (2005)

Object containing a 120x120cm. white wooden plank, 4 chair supports, hundreds of oil-painted wooden sticks for icecreams, different tools, mounting materials, graphics, handkerchief and disposable gloves, band-aids, egg boxes, matches, etc.
‘Production table’ is the capture of a moment freezed during a particular process. The elements are placed as if it were a miniature mass-production factory. The painting is still fresh, the wooden sticks stay up in a delicate balance, graphics are not related to any product, tools are not related to any procedures, there are written notes on the palette with its arbitrary color sample book and second markdowns...

Cleopatra (2004-2005)

Object and direct shot photograph.

Windshield (2004 - 2006)


Scales (2002)

Drawing made onto the architectural space out of commercial measuring tapes. Designation of the accidents present in the exhibition architectural environment using measuring tapes. Partial view of the Installation called "De adversidades vivimos" (Of adversities we live) done at FUNCEB on December 2003.

Inheritance (2002)

4 columns made out of A4 paper reams, glued and folded in a simple way so that they stay up without support. They are placed on a crossing place.

Duster (1998-2006)

Object and direct shot photograph. A duster cloth molded by pressure using my hand. From the "Al final del día" (At the end of the day) series.

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