Visitors to Berlin’s Hasenheide Park stumble upon a tent guarded by picturesque beings that usher them inside and invite them to join in on a series of games. After this process, each visitor slowly ventures into the home inhabited by their inner monster, whom they’ll be able to discover during the visit. In the privacy of the tent, the monster has prepared various games of self-discovery for those who are willing to face him and interact with him and themselves.

in collaboration with YOMONSTRO

Video - Julián Gonzáles Díaz


As part of the Long Stories for Perm Festival in Russia, I was invited to paint a 300-meter long mural alongside 15 art students.
Perm is the launch pad from the Russian space program and they were celebrating their 50th anniversary the same year.
My propose was based conceptually on the thought of the existence of another, parallel planet with great similarities to ours.


Inspired by Japanese culture and in collaboration with upcycling brand 12NA, we created a collection of clothing and a 13-meter long koi Fish made from over 150 vintage t-shirts.
The work was hung and shown at the recently-inaugurated GAM Cultural Center for the “Raíz Diseño” Festival in Santiago, Chile.

13 x 3,5 Meters

PAINTINGS 2012 - 2007 (2010)

Paintings selecction, to see more go to www.danidan.com

2 x 1.5 a 1 x 0.8 meters


Free hand mural in Niceto Club for Ray Ban Art festival in Buenos Aires, inspired by songs from that year.

6 x 2.30 Meters
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad