Claudio Alejandro Docampo

Domestic Luxury [Lujo doméstico] (2012-2018)

ornament & anArchitecture, domestic erotechnique, digital montage / neated papers.

Material Painting (2006-2018)

enlargements of an anatomic-calligraphic motif, volumetric panting, heat molded plastic.

Drawing Project [proyecto dibujo] (2005-2018)

Drawings on technical paper, manuals, books, brochures, maps, affective pictures (related to the body in general, sportive, erotic, family) on the frame-background of technical lines-linings.

plastic bodies /wrapped corpses (2005-2018)

Polyethylene sets made with heat + found piece.

another no-Painting (2005-2016)

discontinue series

Double Illustration [Ilustracion doble] (2004-2018)

Dual drawings with two tied pen ("domestic couples" for poem book; erotic-sprotive drawings on maps, car accident articles, etc.)

Fair Project [Proyecto Expo] (2000-2017)

Works near to architecture, of my own and with collaborations exposed in Buenos Aires, Viena and Rotterdam ("X-PO",con M.Nava, org. x PAC-R.D´Amico, M.Olabarrieta, S.Pagés, R.Lombardi y ot.; "1(3)advertencias..",con G. Diéguez, org. x P.Torroja y M.Corbálán)

Monument [Monumento 1] (2000)

"The brick pyramid hides the view of the river and, fronting the attentive wandering forced by a hard floor, it presents the highest point if the consciousness challenging itself. The piece pretends to assume the impossible symbolic overcoming of the crisis: the postponement of trials brings up indesiphrable emptiness. "

Knots [Nudos] (1996-2018)

“linking enphasis”: knots, fusionated by heat or tied (natural size or scale).

Tableau queer [Tableau queer] (2005)

Polyethylene shaped hands + containers with no frame

Container project [Proyecto Envase] (2004-2018)

Domestic container’s collection; cuts, montages, deformations, transformations, sets.

projectives scenes (2004-2018)

mixed media.

more no-Painting (2010-2018)

Latex, oil, varnish, fabric, paper, polyethylene, color pencil .

Con el apoyo de
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