Zoe Di Rienzo

Zoe Di Rienzo

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From the Soul, "Green Book" (2007)

One saturday night, together with Gabriel Baggio and Carolina Katz. At a recently unoccupied house. Each one of us intervened a room, there were installations and actions. Green Book is what I did for this project, called "Hasta el Alma" (From the soul). I specially set up one of the rooms and dedicated myself to tell a selection of moments of my life that I'd previously written on the Green Book (A book I've been painting and writing on since 2000).

Turtle Lute Mission (2006)

This action is developed as a sort of conference. What is seen here are just a few slides that were projected in the context of such event.

My computer's wake (2006)

On a sunday afternoon I invited my friends to come over for my computer's wake.
I placed all the folders and texts that were on the HD so that guests could present their condolences.

Short-stories and fantasy (2004)

I was invited to an art festival in Tunuyán, Mendoza, where, deep inside a sown forest that I'd set up, I read Latin American fantastic short-stories.

Teaching (2002)

At home, during the afternoon, when students from a Higher Education Institute where in class (direct rear façades), I decided to impart my own parallel lessons from my window. Ten distant learning courses; I decided to go to the school and leave them the technical data of these lessons imparted by their unknown neighbour. Each one of these two pictures show the respective rear façades, that of the institute and that of my home.

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