Marcela Sinclair

Eyewitness (2007)

80 x 140 cm

Psycho geometriy Modeling IV (2007)

Appetite Gallery.

Psycho geometry Modeling V (2007)

MNBA Neuquén. Chalk dust and water on glass cloth.

Untitled (2007)

Electrical tape over the window of the workshop. Geometric design based on the architecture of the courtyard that eventually the sun subtly distortions.

La Mudadora (2007)

Room of a house while moving out. Soil and objects found at the scene.

Vacuum Claeanear (2007)

CCEBA. Intervention on the front window. Dust from the vacuum sprinkled on glass shelves.

NOT - NOW (2007)

60 alarm clocks and a poster with the text: “NOT NOW. Stop the alarm when it rings. Then you can have the clock”.
The clocks were scheduled to start ringing once every 5 minutes, with the option of turning off the canceled alarm. Only moving the needles could do silence. First you had to find out which was the ringing one. And once at home, to postpone the alarm, never able to turn it off altogether …or break the clock. For the exhibition I'm addicted at Tanto Deseo.

The spinning room and the waterfall (2006)

Plans office

The Bond Street Affaire (2006)

Bond Street shopping arcade. They lent me the windows of a closed shop for a week.

The Large Glass at Aguirre (2006)

Aguirre street 560. Chalk dust and water on window.

Landscape (2005)

180 x 150 cm
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad