Emiliano López

AYX (2009)

Multidispositional Sculpure

40 x 31 x 12 cm.

IN_HABIT (2009)

painting on volumetric structure 2009

UBIKX [UBIKX] (2006/07)

Multi dispositional volumetric painting (the continuous painting in all the volume and the design is created to be located in different positions) private collection

3D gcrux [3D gcrux] (2006)

Painting on fabric trimmed frame

Virtual emptiness [vacio virtual] (2006)

acrylic on trimmed frame.

B-GUM (2006)

Vinyl on trimmed frame; published in the magazine Art Madí 9/10, year 2006..


Multi dispositional / volumetric painting (the work is designed and painted to be located in different positions). Exposed in MADÌ 0660

STX tele transporter[STX teletransportador] (2006)

Intervention in Open Studio [Estudio Abierto](Central Mail)

Hypersistemax (noys)[ Hypersistemax (noys)] (2006)

Painting on volume + self-adhesive vinyl.

BLITZ (2005)

acrylic on trimmed frame.Private Collection

Nemsor [Nemsor] (2005)

acrylic on trimmed frame

m-dimension [m-dimension] (2005)

acrylic on trimmed frame

STX (2005)

Pictorial intervention at the National Art Fund 2005

Untitled (2005)

Self-adhesive Vinyl on trimmed frame. Particular collection, France.

Hypersistemax(Hal)[Hypersistemax(Hal)] (2005)

Painting on volume, presented/displayed in Barbarian [Bárbaros], National Art Fund (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2006 (curated by R.Cippolini)

Untitled (2004)

Pictorial Intervention in Open Studio [Estudio Abierto]

Marcelo Gutman, Carla Bertone

Infinity [Infinito] (2004)

Octagon, frame painting on trimmed fabric. Exhibited in “90°” Borges Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and OSDE Award 2004.

Gamma [Gamma] (2003)

acrylic on cloth trimmed frame

3Dimension 90° [3Dimensión 90°] (2003)

Acrylic _ shaped canvas, exhibited at 20x20, Praxis 2003

Virtual 90° [ 90° Virtual] (2002)

Painting of trimmed frame on fabric, Exhibited in the Lozza Prize 02, Palermo University Prize National Museum of Fine Arts '03 and in “90°, Borges Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina) '04.

Mystifier [Mistificador] (2001)

painting on burlap, year 2001

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad