Andrés Pasinovich

Eclipse (2015)

One channel video, no sound

8.42 min

Each atom that moves in matter (2013 / in process)

Horizontal sculpture. Ceramic pieces on the floor, variable dimensions, total surface: 40m square

Pressure (2015)

Pineapple and clay

Revolution from magic (2008 - 2013)


The opposite of chaos (2013 - 2014)

Ceramic sculptures, colored with color pencils. Because of the texture of the sculptures, even I when do apply many layers of color, it never cover the surface of the sculptures completely

Cosmos (2012)


Antipainting (2011)

Painting made at the back side of the paper

150 x 350 cm

Temporal (2008)

Drawings made under altered states of the consciousness

858/893/855/857/868/869/847/863/861/892/810 (2007)


200cm x 150cm