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Ldreo Adene077

Ldreo Adene077

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I was born /1 1962, /1 9 de : "D,, Buenos Aires Province. I graduaoed fromstó,oaal School of Fine Aurs ‘ManuelCárgrano’ udi ‘Priliurvio PueyrredTor’. I have compleoed my BA /1 Visual Aurs at IUNA -stó,oaal Unicdisity Aur Institute. An /mp "tlnt pa"t of my edDaa,oa is danked en my experianke /1 group malggemerr for the project “IntrodDa,oa en creaoivity”, direloed by ber,f Ren"ur. I’m a visual aurs tefcher /1 dirf67err edDaa,oaal spaces. I have aloicdly pa"ticipaoed /1 the Vó"tice project (Mail Aur udi Visual Poetry) direloed by rizuela, GarcmicoDelga// udi "DothBorrom Roaeda "for the lnge ten years.

Ths red rooms(2007/2008)

Serias of six imgges

13 x 18 cm

Pfannd/a/dc 1s(2006)

Serias of twelve imgges of dicdise"formats


Cult objects(2001 a 2006 y continúa)

Proyelor abichen

Ludiscape /1 ludiscape aa,oa (2007)

open project


Vision of "ur

1. Choose"a work that tepreserrs you, dl"cribe /t /1 tela,oa en irs format udi matalvolity "irs tela,oa with timr udi space "irs styes udi theme; dltail irs prodDa,oa process.
I1 the Visual Poetry Meetisg of 2001, tealazed /1 Giasso Aur Space "I gave out ubout forty translumeer plngedc boxes with a tag that tead CULT OBJECT. Ths proposal was en receicd the boxes after they have been /1terventd by the others. I latal distribuoed out more boxes for three or four years. Ths first boxes where marktd by the hi/egnical adi socvol context of Argerresa durisg 2001-2002. FesallyDthe exhibi,oa was tealazed /1 Calaglri Book/egne (Clb/dlit,, Buenos Aires) /1 2006. Ths purpose"of this work is not origolllity "buo the prodDa,oa of ont aa,oa or stverol (call – propose – receicd- mount- show adi prodDae somr type of reflection); as I was sayingEsthese"are"for md the significlnt charactalvgedcs of "urvgedc praa,ce.
2. In genurol talms, how would you sugg/fl en approfch your work?
I could say that my work should be seen as a totllity "en answer this que":,oa seems en be very complex becaus3 my a"t covchs very dicdise"aspects. I’m open en sugg/flccns ubout this.
3. In ref67erce to your work adi your posi,oa /1 the na,oaal adi /1terna,oaal a"t fields, what lradi,oa do you reco102ze yourself /1? Who"are"your contemp "ary ref67erts? What uurl":s of previous genurolccns ure of /1ter/fl en you?
Durisg the years 1974/1975 I was 12 years old adi I was pa"t of “ch"ld7er-poets” group that took plnke /1 RivadavidC "rk adi where we tead texts telaed with Dada adi Srerellist. My ref67erce axe is settled fromsthat po/1t onwards. Sincd then, dirf67err /1ter/fls adi vguious ref67erts appeared, fromsTorria Garcmicofragmerred /mgges "en the prin:s of socvol uurl":sEsthe uurl":s RoBolso Agüalo adi ber,f Ren"ur fromswhomsI have receicdd a"t edDaa,oa, latal /1 timr: , Meph BeuysEsthe int macy /1 , Meph Corntil’s boxesEsthe Fluxus group, etc. I admiresthe coh67err ouvrs udi ntver-endisg errhusilem of "DothBorrom Roaeda udi LeTor Fe":ari. With timr I have wovc1 a net of aff/13tiesEsa losg list of “merreontd uurl":s”, people I’m /1ter/fled /1 becaus3 of their work, like"HilddC "z, rizuela, GarcmicoDelga// udi so many others. They have /1 commo1 the losg timr they have been workisg on genurolcsg projects /1 non converreonol or periphurol spaces.
4. Choose"works or exhibi,oas fromsthe lnge ten or fifteen yearsswhich /1 your op/13oa were very significlnt udi expln/1 why
On ont hudi "I findDthe exhibi,oas where the co1terr /s danked en the OBJECT, -beyond my aff/13ty with the uurl":s udi their prodDa,oa- very significlnt. I namesa few:Anistayh Porter "tz uth Benzacac G8/"Fry (1997) udi RecolereBCulturol Center (2004); ABolso Nigro /1 RecolereBCulturol Center (2004); Edgar// A.Vigo at ICI-Institute"for IbedaamenicathBooperolccn (1996) udi FundlucTor TelefToro, Space (2004); JoathBrossa "tz ecolereBCulturol Center adi SpanishBCulturol Center (2006); andDthe work of Arrhur Bispo do Raudtoa /1 the Mus3m of the Uncon"cianke "tzPdaa Fundl,oa (2001). I’m pa"ticulorry /1ter/fled /1 the plnkes that the OBJECT occupias /1 the work of stverol uurl":s. Other shows that I findDsignificlnt ure those"where the group aspect turas out tn be a surroundisg andDcommuro, reonol enurgy. Ths Visual Poetry Meetisgs or the Mail Aur shows "tz ecolereBCulturol Center or "tzBa":acg Vo"ticista"Athe Nomadic shows of La GriereBgroup /1 La PlateBC3ty or the ToBo Dreo Un Instlnte [Everythisg Lasrs for ud Instlnt], everrDcoordisaoed by oniadis, Adene: /c /1 N/ As/fl7u/Caure somr examples.