Marcelo Merino

Marcelo Merino

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Now I like Buren and Gopar (2008)

I am settled by the way Gerard paints (2008)

I want to score like Azar (Amadeo) (2008)

High fashion Daniel/spring-summer collection (2008)

Medidas variables

Aristotle’s Academy/An imitation is nice by itself, and to watch it pleases the eyesight (2008)

medidas variables

I don’t want to be a star (2008)

It’s a video posted at YouTube, in which I theorize about art and its consequences.

La Obra Awards 2007 (2008)

Awards for artists of Mar del Plata, based on their annual performance. The nominees are arbitrarily chosen by Marcelo Merino. This ceremony started out in 2004, and was held in different venues.

Contemporary Art Athletics Club (2007)

Artists posing with soccer t-shirts, and creating scenes related with that particular sport.

The Trocadero (2006/08)

A record of this project, which I created in 2006 with the artist Claudio Roveda. The idea is to connect artists, so they can interchange their work.

I want to be Duville!!! (2006)

Ranking/ATP Tour (2004/08)

It’s a ranking for artists of Mar del Plata. They earn points according to their performance in artistic events. There is a winner. The first eight play a sort of “final tournament”: an exhibition in which the audience gets to choose the winner.

La Obra magazine (2004/08)

It’s a magazine about contemporary art, which I started publishing in 2004. The content is strictly about art and artists of Mar del Plata. It has no format, staff, nor a regular release date. Since 2008, it appears on-line on YouTube and in my blog.

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