Carla Vedelago

Carla Vedelago

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"Campestre" de la serie CAMPO TUNNING (2009)

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Yellow (2008)


Sky possibility I (2008)

Direct shot

Exterior series (2008)

Exterior, aside, beside oneself, beside myself…

Stampede (2008)

Direct shot.

Vedelago declares (2008)

Photography-performance… in favour of the absurd.

The two Fridas (2007)

Coauthor: Diana Domingo

Tribute (2006)

On the girl in red, placid amidst the pigs…
It’s not spontaneous photography, but rather the contrary, a detailed premeditation of each one of the elements that conform the framing, thinking it in a cinematographic way as a “little precinct whose interior must be fit out, equipped (Emmanuel Siety, “The origin of the shot”) . Shots first created on paper, like sketches, in order to later on take the photo. Each photo is a fiction that is presented as true. When one chooses it as a medium, one has to think that the shot embodies that which refers to reality, to the real presence of space and body as if placed in fron of the camera whose trace is captured by the film.
Each shot shows nothing but what is essential for the story, story that, in its function, is unproductive; within the sucession of these we might become aware of something that never happens, each shot is associated with another in a narrative that has nothing to do with the classic triad of beginning, crux and ending, but it’s rather a bigger crux where the conflict is exposed but never evolves.
The image of the the girl, placid amidst voracious pigs doesn’t seek any categorical affirmations. It rather deals with embellished dramatism, exhibited without deprivations.
August, 2006

Possibility of a place (2005-2007)

reproduction, accessibility, recreation of a familiar place through reproduction of ambient sound* (2) *(Sound device for individual use)

It gets light (2005)

The non-action turned into an object for prolonged observation. It gets light – Do you know the time? – I don’t know, ask her. – You ask her. – I don’t want to.


- Florencia Gulglielmone
- Carla Grunauer
- Pablo Ricci

Sad Girl (2005)

Con el apoyo de
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