Mario Caporali

Zheng (2007)

Direct shot photograph. Zheng is the Chinese pronunciation for "metal sound" and "small gong".

Tai (2007)

Direct shot photograph

Dark forest (2007)

Direct shot photograph

Kind Rock (2007)

Direct shot photograph

Chube (2007)

Still from the "Innocence" video. Performance by Belén Eiff.

Neurosis (2007)

Still from the "Innocence" video. Kalanchoe Tubiflora carnivorous plant as a scenery for larvae played by Belén Eiff.

Hai Ku (video still) (2007)

Video installation "Sen Lin" (forest). Collaborations: Drawings: Martin Carpaneto. Costume Design: Marilyn Karina Rebuffo. Performance: Géraldine Lanteri. Lights: Leandro Tamer. Assistance: Ximena Martínez

Barnacles Taj Mahal (2007)

Direct shot photograph. The cirripedium is a type of arthropod that lives inside a chalky structure similar to a little volcano. He may live parasitizing whale eyes.

Voyager (2006)

Installation (photographs, videos, objects), Crimson Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Lichen (2006)

Digital photograph, direct shot. "The lichen is an association between a fungus and a weed".

Galactic fetus (2006)

Digital photograph
m: we have little time to organize ourselves.
t: blinkings of the cosmic time.
m: I don't know what to send to space.
t: arguments for you to be kind on your messages resound in your ears.
The word 'pretentious'
m: I wanted to put the rabbit as an astronaut fetus, but there will be no deliveries until September 19th to San Antonio de Areco (we are running short on time). I'll send off the dog.
(Dialogues, Voyager installation, Crimson art gallery)

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