Mónica Millán

If I earn a lot I eat a lot, if I earn a little a eat a little (2008)

1,50m x 2,00m

Picnic at the Parana river shore (2007)

Textile and Sound installation

The embroidered river (2007)

1-1,55m x 2,04m 3-1,00m x 1,30m

It’s Raining. Naptime (2006)

1-1,43m x1,04m 2-0,56 m x 0,75m 3-1,10m x1,10m

Gardens (2004-2006)

Embroidery on canvas

The vertigo of the slow (2002-2003)

Pencil drawing, soil, lace, table, cotton fabrics, and chairs

Garden resonances (2001-2002)

Sound installation

Paisaje Misionero (2005)

Medidas variables
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad