Mercedes Azpilicueta

POW! (2014)

A performance by Mercedes Azpilicueta in form of a declamation composed out of passionate football reporter Omar Bentancor announcing the goal of Chuco Sosa playing in Argentinos Juniors against San Lorenzo, a detailed description of an outspoken performance on administrative detention by a young artist, calm and irritating intonations in the voices of two yoga instructors, recollections of a control-freak demanding mother, and the fierce struggle between superheroes Captain America and The Invisible Woman, a story outsourced from a conversation with a kid. Together with the use of parataxis, visual mnemonics and the voice, this performance will be delivered in an attempt to orally evoke what could also be rendered as an excessive sign of force within our common everyday spoken language.
POW! is part of It Makes us Think of a Dance and a Fête as Much as of War (On Violence); the third and final part of Artistic Justice: Positions on the Place of Justice in Art, a series of three international symposia leading towards the EVA 2014 AGITATIONISM in Limerick. This symposium is conceived by Doreen Mende at the invitation of EVA 2014 curator, Bassam El Baroni.
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin

20 min.

Rosa Bartel (2014)

In an attempt to orally record what would be remembered if something should be remembered: Rosa Bartel, reflections and observations from an 87 year-old woman.
Performance at Hôtel Philippoz, Ayent, Switzerland

25 min.

5 Voices on Administrative Detention (2013/14)

5 Voices on Administrative Detention is a performance commissioned by Amnesty International the Netherlands that addresses through a performative utterance the notions of speech, power and violence unfolding the absurdity in the arrest and detention of individuals by the state without trial.
Administrative Detention in the Occupied Territories
Nijmegen University, Nijmegen
Leiden University College, The Hague
Maastricht University, Maastricht

FLESH (2013)

FLESH is a performance (18 minutes) based on a script that combines in a poetical sense vocabulary from the chemistry world, especially in relation to chemical reactions, definitions of tear gas from Wikipedia, a personal testimony from a Turkish artist living the experience at the Gezi park in May/June, 2013, the chantings from the Africaansmarket's sellers, lists of different types of meat and kitchen tools, and closing and openings from e-mail vocabulary.
Dutch Art Institute Istanbul
Galata Fotoğrafhanesi Fotoğraf Akademisi
Galata – Beyoğlu / Istanbul

The Well-Tempered Calculator (2013)

The Well-Tempered Calculator is a performance which script has been appropriated by listening to different sources that address logical forms related to authority. The performance presents a specific combination of four different voices, the speech of a flight attendant delivering emergency instructions, a proctor in a standardized international test, auctioneer’s chants, and vocabulary - in alphabetical order - for describing personal qualities in a school report. A fifth voice, which seems to lie on the other side of those logical schemes, presents itself as a more nonsensical, almost mystical, element. All together, the spectator will be encountered with different ways of listening to and saying the unsayable.
Composing Through Words initiated and curated by Fleur van Muiswinkel
Het Veem Theatre, Amsterdam.

20 min.

Back home (2012)

Back home is a performance based on a script that has been composed by an accumulation of one-year text messages extracted from an archive´s phone. The messages were received and sent within the context of Buenos Aires from July 2010 until July 2011. The juxtaposition of messages combined with poems shows the possibilities and impossibilities of communicating and reaching the “other”.
Final Lecture presentation at the Dutch Art Institute
Anrhem, the Netherlands

12 min.

¿La poesía es retaguardia? (2012)

¿La poesía es retaguardia? (Is poetry reserved?) is a video made out of a skype conversation conducted via skype between Rotterdam and Buenos Aires. The script and video was made and outsourced -in collaboration with Nicolás Sarmiento (AR)- from simple and daily life questions that usually appear in chain emails or spam that circulate in Argentina among teenagers.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad