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Bola de Nieve is an on-line database and a permanent virtual exhibition that documents the current situation of the Argentinian artistic scene based on the choices of the artists themselves.
It aims to be a source of reference and consultation, freely available for local and foreign researchers and for curious and enthusiast people.

The project focuses on Argentinian artists and on those who make art in Argentina nowadays.

Bola de Nieve operates through a self-managed curatorship system: the very artists choose their mates. Each person that is mentioned is invited to join the project and will be able, for their part, to mention their favorites. The process repeats, adding new names and growing in every turn, according to the sociological technique known as “snowball”.

This system sets a difference with the usual methods of selection and exclusion, by transferring the power to outline the artistic field from the gallery owners, art critics and curators to the artists themselves. This configuration goes through generations, styles and institutional spaces, showing the richness and complexity of cultural nets.
On the other hand, its reticular structure allows the visitor to “surf” through the affinity links that interconnect the artists.

The users are given a space so that they can show a selection of their work and expose their thoughts about the current artistic situation and about their own creation. This reflection is organized round preestablished questions which are asked to everyone.

This experience is a continuity of another one that took place in 1999 under the same name. In that occasion, its starting point was given by acclaimed artists: Jorge Gumier Maier, Luis F. Benedit, Pablo Suárez and Roberto Jacoby.

In 2005-2006 it started with 50 artists (which had been chosen by other 7 acclaimed artists), and their thoughts were compiled in the number 50 of ramona review, in May of 2005, under the title of “Contemporary poetics”.

That special issue of the well-known art review without images together with this site compose an exuberant dialog and a snapshot that compile perspectives which come from different spheres and different generations of artists.
Besides, ramona number 60, in May of 2006, depicted the points of view of other 60 artists which had been mentioned by the first group, and so on with number 70 (May of 2007) and number 80 (May of 2008).

Bola de Nieve is monthly visited by more than 10.000 curators, collectors, programmers, researchers and art lovers from all over the world (especially from Argentina, Spain, Mexico, USA, Chile and Colombia), with each user having an average of 6 page views per visit.

It is also used as personal web page by artists of all kind and as connection platform. Its system has been emulated by many web pages of poetry in Latin America as well.

Last but not least: Bola de Nieve, already a must for art-related people, has recently added a new device that allows to visualize the web of connections of all the artists between each other.

Contact: boladenieve@fundacionstart.org.ar

The translation of Bola de Nieve network was carried out with the support of Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development.
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