Leonardo Solaas

Bola de Nieve (Snowball) (2006)

Concepto Roberto Jacoby Consultora Graciela Hasper Diseño del sistema Leonardo Solaas Coordinación Patricia Pedraza Programación Eric Londaits Este proyecto es realizado en alianza con Espacio Fundación Telefónica.

dimensiones variables

The fly (2006)

Different transformations of the photo of a fly generated with a program that translates the color space into motion parameters.

This device guides the trajectory of two thousand independent particles on the plane, producing an unlimited number of pictures varying according to the conversion formulas.

Poles (2005)

Generative images produced by the displacement of a large population of particles between several poles of attraction distributed randomly on the plane. Each pole is identified by a color, also chosen at random.

Outsource Me! (2005)

2005 | unknown dimensions
Ousource Me! is an ironic subversion of the practice of outsourcing, whereby employers from developed countries hire labor in places with lower wages.
My proposal was to temporarily reverse this power relationship. In this case, I chose my own boss, within the framework of an agreement drawn up also for me to develop 'outsourced' a work of art software. This means that I also did an outsourcing of the work of thinking an idea for the piece.
The project was developed in two phases: an open call for ideas, for which I developed a special website, and the execution of the work itself departing from the chosen idea.
There were over twenty proposals. Among them I chose one, titled Go-Logo, by Eric Londaits. As the winner of the call, he became my boss for a while, and he collaborated on the development of his idea.
The project was funded by the Readme 100 Software Art Festival, and the results were presented during the course of the festival in Dortmund, Germany.
Outsource Me! can be viewed at www.solaas.com.ar / outsource
Go-Logo can be seen in www.solaas.com.ar / Golog

Eric Londaits, author of the idea of Go-Logo. Alexei Shulgin and Olga Goriunova, festival organizers Readme 100 and meta-employers in the altered outsourcing relationship that we experimented with.

Geopolio 2.0 (2005)

Geopolio is a geopolitical discussion system in which each intervention is associated with a point on a map, and can be linked graphically to others through connecting lines.
Developed from an idea of M7red, is a system in an experimental phase.
It lives in www.solaas.com.ar / geopolitics

m7red (Mauricio Corbalán and Pio Torroja)

Intimacy (detail) (2005)

The work consists on the drive C of my computer with its fully deployed folder tree, as was recorded in 198 screenshots made in the evening of April 15, 2005.
Printed to the natural scale of 96 points per inch each capture measures 17.7 x 16.5 centimeters. For display, these 32 meters high tree was broken into 11 columns of 18 captures each and occupies a total of 319 cm. wide by 181 cm high.
Intimacy won the Premio Fundación Telefónica Mamba 2005 in the category Digital Imaging.

Dreamlines (2005)

2005 | 640 x 480 pixels, indefinite
Interactive work developed in Java and PHP.
Permanently resident in www.solaas.com.ar / Dreamlines
Won the IBM Media Art Award at the Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2006.
He was a finalist in the International Media Art Award 2005, organized by the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.
He participated in the Ibero-American Art and New Technologies (Barcelona), at the Transmediale 06 (Berlin) and OFFF Festival '06 (Barcelona).

Snarks (2004)

The snarks are creatures molded by hand in cold porcelain, they measure a few centimeters and are always in packs. There are several species and they adapt to any environment although they prefer the white walls.

I mounted an installation with several hundreds of them in a corner of Pasaje Barolo during Open Studio 2004.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad