Luis Rafael Rodríguez

Luis Rafael Rodríguez

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Untitled (2011)

Acrylic on linen and seams with cotton yarn

" The trade of making and undoing constant " (2010)

Ink and acrylic on canvas

"Theory on the confused thing" (2010)

Enamel on canvas

"Meditative meditation" (2010)

Gouaché and acrylic on canvas

"Grandma" (2009)

Mixed media on canvas

" Charms and witchcraft of the avant-garde " (2008)

Mixed media

" The oriental mysticism for the western one " (2007)

Acrylic on canvas

El Sutra de la Gran Sabiduría que nos permite ir más allá del más allá (2006)

60x60 cm

Colossus Psicodelicus 1 (2005)

100x110 cm

Introspección (2005)

103x93 cm