Amalia Pica

What color horses are? (2007)

Pintura lavable blanca (tiza) sobre caballos de tres monumentos ecuestres en la ciudad de Montevideo.

'Grayscale' (2007)

Photographs of segments of rainbows taken in different parts of the world, presented in piles as an installation and glued to posters in public zones. Original photographs by Mariana Castillo Deball, Mieke van de Voort, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Iñaki Imaz, Cecilia Carrea and Martín Cordiano were used.

Islands (2006)

Secuencia de 15 diapos de 35 mm, repetida 5 veces en un proyector de carrusel.

Speak your mind (2005)

Imagen compuesta por fotocopias A3

To those who say goodbye (2005)

Filmed during an event in which white handkerchiefs where distributed without previous instructions to people saying goodbye from and to a ship, the film does not intend to be a record of the event, but portray a generic image of departure, within a timeframe that is difficult to establish at first sight.

Oranje (2004)

As seen from outside, all objects and walls are painted orange (the color of the Dutch crown) Once one gets inside, one sees that the sides of all the objects that were not seen from the outside were not painted at all. Rijsakademie, The Netherlands.

My home, your home (2003-2005)

Secuencia de 8 diapos de 35 mm., repetida 10 veces hasta llenar el carrusel de un proyector.

Teaching Hours (2002)

The theaching hour was delimited by the sound of school bells, in the beginning and the end. The bell was ringed by the artist, dressed in a white workcoat. Made in the historical Casa de Tucumán, Argentina.

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