Juliana Iriart

Amberpassage (Año: 2006)

All materials on this installation were arranged to form a sunset landscape in the frame of a mirror. The room illumination was given by a white light lamp and a yellow ball-flashing lamp. At the exit of the room there was a kiosk, "I was in Amber", where you could buy ornaments, pictures, shirts and pins of Amber.
Technique: sugar, car oil, red cabbage, coal, oil, glass, flashing lamp, ball lamp on floor.

Amethyst detail (2008)

Technique: amethyst stone, fuchsia feather, cotton, silver band on ironing board.

Violet Flame (2008)

These objects are a story themselves and at the same time transform the space around them. Technique: field of broken mirrors and prisms on the ground.

Guardian Angel (2008)

These objects are a story themselves and at the same time transform the space around them. Technique: wire structure feathers on paper, tape and vinyl glue.

Golden Hour / Rock (2007)

Remains of the exhibition in fuchsia satin sac compressed and wrapped in duct.

Golden Hour / The weight of light (2007)

Remains of the Golden Hour exhibition in fuchsia satin sac.

Walk - About Love (2005)

Paseo is the work that most represents me because it's the last I made. I identify with it; it was made by a Juliana who resembles who I am today. It was made for a group showing. I was asked to think about love. I found difficulties in the subject. I understand that love is always present in the construction of my work, but I had never put the focus only on that. I found nothing clear and linear, how to define love? I accepted that so far the alphabet is not my friend when describing things that I feel, then I thought of making a love situation: I'm going to invent a place to go for a walk!, A landscape where the things I don’t understand by words but exist in me, may dissolve in an infinite walk! I enjoy appreciating the beauty of things beyond their use, for example expanding the range of utilities of a teapot’s supporter.
Materials: soil, wadding, teapot supporter, a blue-framed mirror, a gold-framed mirror, three flowers that I found.

Hour (2005)

Golden Hour resulted into a strange landscape.
During the twenty days that the exhibition lasted I was transforming the place. I could list seven chapters:
The rise.
The lights.
Red circles.
Four trees.
The fall
Each one of them names the actions that changed the landscape. All my attention was put into translating some of the pristine atmosphere of a winter evening and the states it may generate.
Materials: Satin, metallic paper, transparent packing tape, opaque paper, trees, chalk, contacts, stack lights, golden squares, three trees done in ink on paper, about 1, 70 x 1 m each .

Trees (2005)

These drawings of trees are the result of the image that lays in my memory about them, since I first saw them in the street along the way to my workplace. It is an extensive array of trees in the city at different times of the year.

Launching (2002, 18:30 hs)

I think the launches as color accents that help me remember pictorial moments with ease. I wish the same will happen to the audience: that one day they find a patch of colored air through the city. Materials: tissue paper cut

Con el apoyo de
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