Xil Buffone

Soplo (2010 - 2013)

Diálogo de musas - Fundación Osde Rosario.

5 tintas sobre acetato - 50 x 35 cm c/u

Spectre (2007)

Collapse of the Universe (2007)

Bottom of a bottle from the War of the Triple Alliance, digged up from the Parana River at the Triple Frontier (Foto: Puzzolo)

Observatory (2007)

MACRO (Photo: Puzzolo)

Lemon Date (2007)

Centro Cultural Recoleta, Eduardo Costa y Xil — Paintings and lemon juice.

Io Sono Rosarino (2006)

Indication of Lucio Fontana’s atélier façade, (2074, Rioja St.); Rosario Art Week, 2006.

Three Maries (2005)

Glass and light. Instalation, National Salon of Art, 2005 (Photo: Puzzolo)

500 burnt-out light bulbs and 1 still on. (2004)

Glass, metal, lamp-holder, light. 3rd prize, Installation, National Salon of Art (Photo: Jalil)

Unfolded spotlight (2003)

Glass, silicone metal. Biennial Venus award, Tandil.

There’s never a pure soul passing by around here (2002 - 2005)

Installation, CCEBA, 2004
Glass, plastic string, poxipol glue (fragment). (Photo: Lowry).

Metal Jar (2002)

(MACRO collection, Rosario)

‘Veinified’ Object (Objeto venificado) (2000)

Lightbulbd and lacquer.

Vegetal spectre (1996)

óleos 150 x 100 cm
Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad