Carlota Beltrame

Untitled (Versión 2005 de una pieza realiz)

Punching ball made out of rawhide leather.


Memories (2006)

Site Specific. White-cut plotter on a white wall, reproducing a joyful youth demonstration. It is accompanied by a sound installation that reproduce the voice of Tucumanian poet Juan José Hernández, reciting his “Versos de la provincia”. It is a speech regarding different moments within the history of Tucumán, long gone. The plotter image can be hardly distinguished, and the poet’s voice is nothing but a distant murmur.

Past Perfect (2006)

Site Specific. Translucent and colourless-cut plotter on glass, reproducing fragments of the homonym novel by Tucumanian writer Hugo Foguet. It is a speech on memory. On this installation, texts can be read depending on the impact that the sunlight has on the windows. Sometimes these would be clear, sometimes not so sharp, and sometimes invisible… but they’ll always be there.

Eight boxes placed on the floor and containing little skin balls that you can’t see. (2006)

Floor installation.

Three pieces of skin at the same height as that of the animals they have belonged to. (2006)

Wall Installation.

Five different modules ordered randomly at the same height as that of someone I love. (2005 / 2006)

Wall Installation

Diadem (2004)

Wall Installation. A garland light whose bulbs have the shape of the province of Tucumán. This piece refers to the collective memory of all Tucumanians in reference to the nocturnal landscape of the city of San Miguel as seen from the hill.

Light (2004)

Wall installation. 17 little light bulbs with the shape of the province of Tucumán.

Valores (2002)

Piecitas de randa* con el motivo del mapa de Tucumán.
* La randa es un tejido del tipo “encaje” que se realiza en el interior de Tucumán y que actualmente se halla en vías de extinción. Está considerado el único en su modalidad que se realiza en la Argentina. Su origen debe buscarse en España, pero allí ha desaparecido, conservándose únicamente en nuestra provincia.

Dos tiras de 0,40 m x 0,04 m

Volume (2002)

Installation on a big white wall. A small salt piece with the shape of the province of Tucumán. The special characteristic of this work is that, in very humid days, it oozes tiny drops of water that, little by little, corrode the work itself.

Point (2002)

Installation on a big white wall. A very small hand-woven piece, with the Randa (*) technique which has the shape of the Capital Department of the province of Tucumán.

(*) Randa is a type of lace knitting that is mainly made in some zone deep inside the province of Tucumán and that is now on the verge of extinction. It’s considered unique of its kind in Argentina. Its origin is probably Spanish, yet it has already dissapeared in Spain and can be found only in the province of Tucumán, Argentina.

Plane (2002)

Floor-tiled cement sidewalk with the map of the province of Tucumán.

Wakefulness (1997)

Little onyx military cap, with inner light. MACRO Collection

Untitled (1994)

Torsioned wire structure, covered with unshaved cowhide.

Polizeipistole (.)

Rhodochrosite gun. Scale 1:1 (Bruzzone collection).

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad