Cecilia Szalkowicz

Approaches to a movie (2008)

"Approaches to a movie" is a film not supported on a display, but on sheets of paper. A film that is "projected" while is being printed. Several desktop printers allow us to see different sets of images and texts printed in real time and structured narrative sequences through the addition of a leaf after another. Visitors can see in "live time" how each of the series will be activated.


Everything is possible (2007)

Anything is possible is a diptych in time: a work made of two images that are displayed sequentially. The project is one year long, site specific. Inkjet printing on paper, 800 x 400 cm each. Malba - Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires.

Copy / Paste: Random Wishes (2007)

36 artists invited to participate, material available for photocopying, photocopier loaded with pre-printed papers: random wishes, envelopes A4, tv / dvd, mural printed on inkjet paper, plants, pallets, mirrors, mirrored basquet, fluorescent tubes and low consumption lamps, desk units, etc..
In collaboration with Gaston Persico for the Positions in Context exhibition: 2007 CIFO Grants Program Exhibition, CIFO - Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation- Miami.

Rockin’ The Nation (2007)

Invitation to exhibit at Traschi Gallery, Santiago de Chile. In collaboration with Gaston Persico.

20 x 20 cm.

Mariano, Gaston, Cecilia (2005)

A whole year telephone conversations put on stage. The showing also included an edition and a lecture. In collaboration with Mariano Mayer and Gaston Persico.

Untitled (.)

Untitled (.)

Untitled (2007)

Inkjet prints on various papers, photographs, notebooks, Styrofoam. For the Ouro Sentimental exhibition. MAC - Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.


Sarita (2004)

Inkjet print on paper.

72 units A2, 500 x 345 cm.

Somehow (2004)

Inkjet printing on paper. Part of the show Somehow. Belleza y Felicidad Gallery, Buenos Aires.

877 x 376 cm

Untitled (2004)

6 pads, 50 pages each. Inkjet printing on paper. Visitors can tear and take the leaves with them. Part of the show Somehow. Belleza y Felicidad Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad