Daniel Fitte

Construction (2008)

The worker Oscar Chacón while autographing work booties at the Calera Polcecal. (2008)

Portrait of building worker Carlos Pesclevi (2008)

Untitled (2008)

Photos of the showing at the Malvinas Islands Cultural Center in the city of La Plata.
Installation, gloves of workers, Polcecal limestone, 5mts x 0.90mts x 1.85mts, 2008.
Installation, files removed from an abandoned limestone with a worker card found in one of them, which marked the starting and finishing times of work, 0,70mts x 3,50 mts (approx.), 2008
Shoring Installation, wood, 0,70 mts x 7,00 mts (approx.), 2008.
Bags of cement and lime, tied with rope 1,30 mts x 0,90 mts 2001/2008.
Shirt that was handed to me, autographed by the bricklayer Charles Mason Pesclevi 2008.
autographed bucket by the worker Eduardo Alvarez 2008.
showcase containing the autographed bucket
Installation, display cases with buckets and booties autographed by workers, shirt autographed by building worker and portrait photo of the employee who signed the shirt /2008.

Untitled (2007)

92cm x 131cm

Untitled (2007)

35cm x 27cm

Untitled (2007)

160cm x 110cm

Untitled (2007)

32cm x 17cm

Untitled (2007)

32cm x 15cm

Ink (2007)

32cm x 15cm

Pots (2006)

65cm x 92cm

Cistern (2006)

40cm x 30cm,

Untitled (2005)

Work on display Gallery Wussmann, 2005. At the opening of the gallery.
580 gloves worn by workers in a lime factory.
Picture of a panel of the exhibition where you can see the gloves in detail.
Picture of the factory where gloves were collected
When removing the gloves out of the box.
Me and the worker that helps me collecting the gloves.
Picture of the factory workers.

Installation, bags of lime, pallets, rope and central wooden structure. (2001)

Construction (.)

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad