Ezequiel García

Ezequiel García

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Growing up in public (2013)

Graphic novel published by Tren en Movimiento Ediciones

112 pages, 27 x 27cms

Intervened table (2013)

Synthetic enamel on wood

Various measures

User manual for human life (2012)

Comics made for Brando Magazine. Script by Nicolás Artusi.

40 x 27 cms. (aprox)

Cultural chronicles (2011-2013)

Comics made for Ñ (Clarín Newspaper Cultural Pages)

25,7 x 25 cms.

Apocalyptic series (2008-2009)

Acrilic and marker on canvas.

Various measures

Proximity (2008)

Mural intervention. Collective show with Viviana Blanco, Caro Chinaski, Lucía Spotorno and Alejandra Tavolini. Del Infinito Arte gallery.

2 x 5 mts. (aprox)

Somos más, podemos más (2007)

Painting for Movistar telephone company

130 x 170 cms.

Reaching the thirties (2007)

Graphic novel published by Emecé Argentina

52 pages, 20 x 28 cms.

Growing up in public (2007)

Mural intervention at Cruce de Artes.

Various measures

To live a great love (2007)

Intervention in elevators, C. C. Borges

Various measures

Murals (2006 - 2008)

Painted in particular houses and commercial businesses in Bs. As.

Various measures

Bonanza! (Collective exhibition with Frank Vega, Marcelo Alzetta, Mariano Grassi and Julián D'Angiolillo). (2006)

Mural intervention at Appetite gallery.

Various measures
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