Janinne Wolfsohn

Janinne Wolfsohn

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Skating (2016)

Chapas de hierro policromado con pintura para exterior.
2,00m x 2,30m x 0,45m
Instalado en Tierra Garzón, espacio de la Fundación Atchugarry, Manantiales, Uruguay.

Skating I y II (2015)

Chapas de hierro con pintura poliuretánica.
0,19m x 0,36m x 0,17m
0,37m x 0,40m x 0,26m

Skateboarding (2014)

A same idea made in three different sizes (images in order):

- Large: 74.8in x 35.5in x 76.8in
- Medium: 45.3in x 15.7in x 47.2in
- Small: 8.66in x 3.94in x 9.45in

Mixed equilibrium (2014)

Polyester resin and polychrome plate with three-layer painting.

- 30in x 22.8in x 11.8in

Candela (2013)

Acrylic polichrome.

27.6in x 8.27in x 7.09in

Rosa remains on her own breaks (2013)

Mixed technique.
Variations (2009-2013)

Sweetness (2012)

Polyester resin and brown sugar. Work in decomposition.

"She can hardly sustain by herself, without tools, with no sense of reality, neither the ability to understand and be understood, nor to love something or someone. She has the naivety of children."

16.9in x 6.69in x 5.12in

Let's play in the forest (2011)

Installation art in Atchugarry Foundation, Manantiales, Uruguay.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad