Livio de Luca

Suspension (dimensiones variables)

Material: earth

Circles from the Series of Drawings in Corn Fields (Del 2006 hasta la fecha)

Material: sunlight

Minutes and Seconds (200cm x 200cm cada una)

Material: sunlight, mirrors, frame, Paint.

Blue (2008)

Material: sky, air

Indigo (2006 al 2007)

Material: sunlight, water, mirrors

Orange (2006)

Material: petals

Nest 1 and 2 (2005)

Installation, photography. Material: branches

Sun Crown (2005)

Photography. Material: petals

Lilac (2004)

Installation, photography. Material: flowers

The Sun (2002 al 2004)

Photography, direct 35mm takes. Material: sunlight and pigment.

Quasars (2001)

Material: decomposed pine leaves

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad