Claudia Aranovich

Claudia Aranovich

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Carapaces (1997)

Resin and various materials

3 pieces of 90 x 190 cm.

The Cones of Wisdom (1996)

Resin and various materials

3 cones of 60 x 165 cm

Rupture (2001)

Iron and resin

70 cm. x 280 cm.

Djerassi (2001)

Site specific

Sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum (2004)

Wood, iron, copper, resin

1 m a 2 m. de alto

Futurama (2004)

Resin and glass

45 y 60 cm. diam.

Midsummer day’s night (2004)

Artistic action photograph

Light Spheres at the World’s End Biennial (2006/7)

Floating glass, acrylic and resin spheres, with sunlight and leds

Site specific, 4 medidas variables

Natural/Artificial (2006)

Resin and glass, wood, metal

65x75x 160 cm. aprox.

Nature in Eclosion (2007)

Resin and grass and roots

70 cm. de diam.
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