Lorena Marchetti

Lorena Marchetti

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Fair-market [Feria-mercado] (2008)

Photo essay on the market of San Telmo

Permeable zone, sp [Zona permeable, sp] (2006)

Series held in the city of San Pablo.

Untitled (2006)

Toma directa / medidas variables. Dípticos

Interiors [Interiores] (2004-2005)

Toma directa color- formato medio / 40x40cm

Counter-fronts [Contrafrentes] (2004)

Toma directa color-formato medio / Escala real - 70x70cm

memo pad (2003)

Project consisting of a sequence of shots from projected slides.

Hybrid Zone Project [Proyecto Zona Híbrida] (.)

Photographic installation bounded by wall and floor area with one object.

Con el apoyo de
Fundación Itaú Mecenazgo Buenos Aires Ciudad